060.November 2

St. Paul, MN

I am currently housesitting for my sister and taking care of her two lovely dogs. We just went outside for walkies. Last night I went to a couple of concerts: Johnathan Richmond first, at First Avenue, famed nightclub of PURPLE RAIN, and my favorite place to attend live music in Minneapolis. Then I popped over to Lee's Liquor Lounge for Trailer Trash, famed band of nowhere, but they are very talented and last night they dressed in their All Saint's Day best attire. I've been a fan of that band for many years, you'll actually find me swing dancing on their album cover of about three years ago. A friend from college, in fact the woman who took me out for my 21st birthday and my first legal drink in the USA waits tables there. I plan on going to Tony 'n Tina's Wedding tonight, if I don't find a better option, which is a play based on improv and audience participation, with at least one friend. I hope you received and understood my itinerary for my flight. I will arrive in London on November 12th. From there I will travel a bit around England and if need be pop over to the continent before I come to see you. I know you are returning on the 16th, so I will contact you as soon as possible after this to arrange hooking up and cutting a rug with you. Please send me your contact information other than email in order to narrow my chances of being up the Thames without a paddle. I will also contact Malcolm and make sure to get him involved in some kind of exciting event. I will leave on November 27th, back to NYC to stay with friends for a week.


Rachel took Foxtrot to the vet today and discovered he's got Hookworms. He's on treatment now, and I hope this is over soon, I can't stand him complaining and messing the house up so much. I watched "Empire of the Ants" in the evening. It was pretty awful.


Opening Night of "Escanaba in da Moonlight" by Jeff Daniels.

Rachel went to La Crosse today to play for one of her students in a talent contest in the morning, so I did laundry and watched Walking Dead when no one else was there to judge me. Season 3 starts out really good so far. Then I delivered some leaves to my parents house in Steve's trailer, and had hot chocolate with mom. Rachel and I both arrived back home after 15:00, and we invited Chris and his family and a friend over to have dinner with us before the show. Patty and Elyse also came. We went to the theatre at 18:30 and had the best crowd reaction to any show I've ever been involved with. Could have been because they were having beer throughout the show.

We went out with some of our adoring fans to the corner liquor store and made up a plan to serve milkshakes at intermission on Sunday's performance, so I've got to find a recipe for that now. We've had 90 adults and 18 kids see the show so far.


Another beautiful day, even warmer than yesterday. The sun was just blossoming like a rose in the east, and the engine was very hungry, full of a new tank of 91.