013.December 19

I probably have the biggest Christmas tree ever, ever. I'm hosting Christmas for my family this year, and so I jumped ahead of the gun, and am repainting major portions of my house, rearranging everything, and really not feeling any of that pre-Christmas magical excitement yet. But I did go out and buy myself a new cell phone. That is the portent of this letter. And to wish you the Happiest of Holidays.


I just booked a flight to London for Rachel and me, leaving May 16th and coming home on Memorial Day. Yay! Merry Christmas.


We watched "Love Actually" and both Rachel and I cried buckets. I've never before loved that movie as much as I do now. I finally get it. I wrapped presents and we then watched a Jason Statham action movie. Frida was with some friends at a Caledonia Gymnastics meet.


I was given the opportunity to run the steaming of the Trinity Christmas Program last night, and had a great time running sound and cameras with a clever switch box. Then a surprise birthday party for Bob (who shares a birthday with Sara) at Bob and Roxie's house in the country.