065.October 28

I visited my sister Jill in the hospital tonight after work. She is recovering quickly from her hip replacement, and seemed in very good spirits. Then, another rehearsal for Escanaba in Love, not quite as fun as last night, but the lines are getting more familiar for everyone, as are the actions, and I think we'll be ready for Saturday nights show.



I spent the day preparing my old computer for my parents to use at their house. Rachel had to go to observe at one of her students recital rehearsal at Luther. We met back at our house to prepare our costumes and get makeup on for the Halloween party.We dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. At 7:30 we joined our friends at Mark and Sarah's house to put the final touches on our hairspray and our necklaces and bone jewelry. Barny, Betty, BamBam, Dino and Pebbles joined us there. We walk to Amy and Rob's house, where we sang together. Then off to the bar where we missed the costume contest by a few minutes. We walked home with Chelsea, who needed to leave for work by 7am.


Rehearsal for Rocky Horror Show, just one week before our performance.


Departing Paris, France