096.September 27

University of Nottingham Campus

Rainy. Jen put her wash in with mine from last night without noticing. So, she dried mine in her load. She's nice. An, Kris, Christy, Jana, CJ, EB, and I went downtown to pick up our film. We stopped at a Tea Room and shared photos. These were my pictures of the USA still. They were of Erin and Gretchen, and my airport pictures of Chris, Rhonda, and Christina. Then mine of London. I had some of the group trips too, like Stonehenge and before.

We went back to the flat and got ready to go to the University to stay for the week. Kris, Eve, Karl, and I were last to go. We got on and off the bus, but then walked the wrong direction past the Medical Center. Then through the Hospital and finally across the bridge, which put us on campus. We had to walk across the entire monstrous campus. We made it by 17:05, and checked into our rooms. I am in Willoughby hall with Jana and Stacey. I have a balcony on fifth floor, room 11.

When I started down for dinner, I met a man from Pakistan named Zikria. He was a chemical engineering major, who had been in the US the year before, but was refused an extended visa there. We talked downstairs in the small bar while we waited for dinner. He was interested in politics and Bill Clinton's reputation. We saw the dinner line, but our dorm would not serve us, they were serving a group from Japan or China. We went to Cavendish hall and I ate with Zikria, not the people from my group. Then we walked to Trent for tea in the Senate Chamber rooms. Everyone came. My umbrella exploded when a very attractive woman from Singapore touched me more than necessary.

After the Welcome and Introduction at 19:30, Zikria and I walked all around campus. I went to Stacey's room, and Jana and I waited for David F. to come with towels and money for our dinners. Then I walked to the Buttery, played pinball and drank a pint. I returned to Willoughby around 12:30. I had forgotten my bathroom bag with my shaving stuff, contact case and glasses. I put my contacts in a film case. I took a long bath and went to bed.


I stayed home sick from work today. After a weekend of being sick, I really wanted to get out of the house, but I felt other aspects of my cold, like a sore throat, than I had felt before. I thought it was worth getting more sleep to improve my recovery. During the day, I watched the movie A Life Less Ordinary. Rachel came home about 15:00, and we took another long nap before a 2 hour rehearsal for Blithe Spirit.


Faust and I got together today at Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant, outside in the shade. We spotted a hummingbird moth, which I incorrectly called a hummingbird and Faust corrected the assumption. Siri confirmed the possibility. I stopped later at Magpie for a cup of coffee under the pretense of setting up a sonic-wall vpn connection on a computer. Time well spent so that my coworkers can do their jobs more conveniently. Rachel and I planned to go to the Homecoming game and stay out of Frida's way, so as not to embarrass her.