162.July 23

Decorah, IA

Friday of Nordic fest spent with Mark, Sarah, Abe, and Rachel in Decorah. Wen't to lunch with Chris along water street.


Cast Party for Urinetown at Scott and Jen's house. There were more awards and "Ole" nominations than I remembered from recent history, so it was quite fun. We performed the ceremony indoors, in there newly remodeled kitchen and dining/living room. It was a fantastic party, and everyone acted as a cohesive, bonded group. I've never felt a cast was this closely linked before, and leave it to a YOOH show to bring about such a great gathering. Congrats to the cast and crew of "Urinetown" for a very successful play.


I rode the BMW F800st to work today for the first time this year. Weather was great: 60.8 degrees farenheit and 2mph wind. I arrived at 8:45am, mostly because I had it charging and had to reassemble the battery compartment and inflate the tires. Front should be 36 and the back should be 42. I put 48 in the back, because I had no gauge with me this morning. I probably have a little more than what is required in front, but it was a nice ride, and it is good to feel the road on a first day out after a long hiatus. Their is a Detour starting at Locust to redirect traffic, but i drove to the ridge just before Bolson hill and took that around to Luther and then to work. Most locals are doing it, and it is one of my favorite ways to go anyway during other times of the year.

Rachel and Lynn will meet me at Toppling Goliath at noon for lunch. Lynn is headed home to Missouri today. I gave her a home made acoustic guitar I bought quite a few years back. I think it is a good beginning guitar for her, and maybe next time I'll see her, I'll get it back and she can progress on to a better one.

I stopped at Chris's after work to see his garden. Then rode home on Hwy 52. We started to prepare for our next guests to arrive tomorrow, 2 kids and their mother and grandmother.