303.March 4

Nottingham, UK

The meeting was shit, but we focused on two stories for next time. Our 'shit' is called "Amnesia", but focuses on Aphasia, which is dealt with in a story in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

Rehearsal for Lysistrata went well. We are making good progress. I went to "The Three Musketeers" with Becca at the Odeon. We had chips out front of the cinema before the movie. They were great. I washed whites and fell asleep after.

Dear Sam,

This weekend, the house is going to Manchester for a Victorian Weekend. We just studied "Wuthering Heights," and I LOVED IT. If you have some spare reading time and want to be impressed by evil, try it. I will send some poems today, but I doubt they will get to you on time. I'd better go home and do that right now.


1425 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN

It's my 4th day using the bus system. I'm getting pretty good at it, I think. It is easy. I hat the sound of the bus: the starting and stopping. and the fear that some slime-ball is going to hit on the woman behind me, but otherwise I like the way people mind their own business and get off at their own pace. Nobody is told where to sit or when to get off. And they all dress differently. And they can talk if they want. Most don't. Some are blind, deaf, and some are just plain ornery. I'm one of those ones. I filed my change of address form today. But I should call my bank.


Tonight we relaxed and prepared for tomorrow's trip the St. Paul. We both were still quite run down from the previous evening's game night.