107.September 16

Salisbury, UK

We left on a house trip at 08:00 for Uffington Castle and a chalk horse carved on a hill nearby. We immediately took pictures of sheep, and spent most of our time with those lovable woolly creatures. I got to run around on the hills. I wore a red ski jacket that I had found downstairs in the left-overs from last year's class, and my black beret.

We bussed to Avebury, where we saw a monstrous henge. We doused and found energy lines that supposedly run through all the Saint Michael's and Mary's Churches. You know you've stepped over one if your dousing rods point away or possibly towards each other. Then after all this excitement, we went to Stonehenge, where we saw the henge, but saw the ropes around it much more closely than the actual stones. The day and the distance made the henge seem unimpressive and small. It was wonderful to finally see this, it was beautiful, but there are so many henges.

Stonehenge Guide, 1993

Then to Salisbury. We stayed at a youth hostel. All the men stayed in one room. Drew and I went to a game room where he played violent video games until dinner. After eating some things that everyone speculated were horse-burgers, some of us went out to the pubs with Kiron. We went to Odd Fellow's, because we have one in Decorah. I had a pint of Badger Best Bitter and a Glenfiddich. Then we went to a Karaoke place. Drew Curtis and I sang "Take Me Home Country Roads" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling." We drank more. I split a strong ale with Lisa. I didn't get to sing "Jambalaya on the Bayou," because it was 23:15 and we had to go home or get locked out of our hostel. It was an excellent evening.