279.March 28

Barcelona, Spain

We had a fifty minute layover in Toulouse, so we got some pastry and chocolate-milk-vitamin-drink. The ride from there on got really beautiful in the Pyrinnes. I still slept some. Le Tour de Carol was belle, but a little cold and only one train on the mountain pass. We went on to Barcelona on the next train, abandoning all our plans of hiking that day. Lars slept, and I watched the tracks most of the way. The Spanish building style is so dignified and old looking. I want to copy it.

In Barcelona, we walked many blocks to a YHA, where we waited until siesta was over (16:00) and found out that the hostel was full. We did get a good game of tin-foil hacky sack in while we waited in the lush cement garden area out in front. We took the Tomb tour bus to the Catalunya green thing that runs out to the docks. We walked to the hostel (9 dollars per night) located in a very beautiful old square. We found a dead black cat that had fallen from a similar terrace to ours where we dried our towels and stood to watch activities in the square (it was a great balcony, a lovely balcony).

We walked for a long time, got money, toured the beautiful city, mostly just wandering, and then back to the hostel to freshen up. We ate at a restaurant (cous-cous and vegetable with a little curry). Then back to the hostel for a chess match, which I won. We stayed out till 02:00 at a "weird" bar where we met a large bunch of Danish getting drunk on their last night in Barcelona after one month of a media exchange course. Weird, but fun. Lots of cigarettes and beer passed our lips, and we had a great time.

POSTCARD from Barcelona:

Today we got to Toulousse, had a 2nd breakfast, then through the Pyrinnes to Barcelona. The weather is unbelievable compared to England. I wore a T-shirt around the wide tree lined walkways. The people are nice, most are tourists, I suppose, because they smile, even though they don't speak english. We found a $9 hostel, very nice, right in a center square near the docks. I have never seen so many bars and restaurants and balconies before in one area.

We have walked all over today, and I want to move to Barcelona and become Catalan. It is a perfect balance of old and new. The cathedral is amazing. I went to Sacre Couer yesterday, and the incense made me want to be there forever. But Paris was too tourist centered. Barcelona is, but it seems less so, and more enjoyable. The people are so nice, that is probably why I like it better. The coast is great though. The rest of our trip will be near the coast of the Mediterranean.


I hooked up the hot tub to the 220 power lines that I ran last fall, filled it with water, and it works great. I drained it again, and have to wait for a few gaskets for the seals between the heater and the line, and until I can get a crew of people to put it into place. I am thinking of rigging up some kind of pully system to make it easier to do, and to insulate as well. I went with Jake to T-bocks, where he played two songs at open stage night. Jill was there with Kari, who sang two norsk ruin songs with her stick. I worked on a Deco Business project until 3am.


Seattle, Washington

We were given tickets to 'Cats' for this evening after getting the Elizabeth(EB)'s house and setting down our possessions. She had a prior commitment, so we dropped off our things in a room and took an UBER into Seattle to the area of the theatre. We ate at an Indian restaurant and then saw the very sexy show. It was quite a lot different than the touring production that passed through Hancher Auditorium that I stage managed in 1999.