355.January 11

We gave Colee back to Chris and Rhonda. Mom stayed at Rhonda and Chris's. We met in La Crosse.


Tiberias, Israel

Breakfast was at 8:00, then I read the long assignment in the bible about Deborah and Saul. At noon, I ate at Sesame, wonderful Vegetarian restaurant that was playing a Bob Dylan album. At 13:30, we left for Mount Tabor. When we got to the base in the bus, we switched into a 6 door mercedes taxis and ascended the mountain. The view was almost clear today, so we could see the valley. Their was a beautiful Roman catholic monastary up there because it was where Jesus performed the transformation. The need to protect ourselves against others is the foremost human problem. Enclosing oneself on a mountain or a castle divides people from the thing that can help them most - other people. Now that I think of his, The Source also mentioned this I remember, when Volkmar's castle was going up.Our drivers tried to kill us at 15:50. We arrived at Beth She'an but we only got a peak because it would close at 16:00. Back in Tiberias, I took a scalding hot steam in the steam room by myself. Then I showered and studied with Melissa, Becca and Jamie. We had dinner, and then discussed Saul and David for quite a while before bed. I went to bed at 00:30.


Nottingham, UK

I picked up my pictures of Cornwall, then walked to the university. It was beautiful out, great walk. I went to the library and got S/Z. B. came to look at the pictures. Then I worked Critical Theory paper all night.


We had an opera-house board meeting, which as usual, ran longer than expected. Then Jake, Mark, Sara, and I played darts at my house. I took a sheet of plywood and clamped it up in my kitchen windowsill, then screwed a dart board onto it. We played 301 and 501 in teams.