271.April 5

Rome, Italy

We woke late, scurried to get ready and wait for the bus. We got kicked off a long way from the station because we had no tickets. We ran our butts off, just making the train to Rome. When in Rome, we did not do as the Romans, or did we? We saw that we were indeed not going to make a train to Brindisi in time to catch Becca. Well, now we see that. We paid 31,000 Lira to take a fast train right away, but we would not have made it even on that train, so we are going back to Rome now. The landscape we saw on the way east from Rome was tremendous, though.

I called mom when we got back to Rome, and heard a phone message saying that Becca was late also. We rejoiced, and waited around in Rome for her train, in case she went through Rome tonight. First, we saw all of Rome very quickly on a walk following the McDonald's map. We did not meet Becca when we came back to the station, so we bought a pizza (huge with obscure vegetables like zucchini) and a bottle of water with 10 marks and the rest of our money. The marks we changed with a guy standing around swindling people. Then a night train to Rome, with strange dreams. My backpack fell on us, waking us both up.


We delivered my taxes to Caledonia this morning, then met Sharon for her birthday breakfast at Doc's. She had picked up stamps for our wedding invitations. I found a script for "Kiss Me Kate" in the Opera House, so we discussed that most of breakfast. I went to work, and tried to read the script over lunch, but didn't get past scene four. We had auditions at 19:00, but I tried on a norwegian shirt Jill is making for me first, and Rachel was giving lessons at the opera house. I picked up the mail, and found that the script for the show had all arrived. After auditions, I charted all of the possible ways to reference the pages, songs and scenes on a spreadsheet. I love organization to aid decision making.


Opening night of "Noises Off" at the Fest Building in Spring Grove. We are sold out for dinner tickets tonight and tomorrow. What a great feeling. We are ready. I took this morning off from work, but just had to get onto the work computers to unlock a file for someone. Ahh. Otherwise I'd still be in bed. We have a few projects to get finished up before the show starts tonight, and we are all pretty excited to perform for a real audience and see if we can make them laugh. I'm hoping we get a few that show up and have to sit in the back on chairs. That would be great to pack the place, but we can only provide 100 meals a night, so that is our limit.