291.March 16

University of Nottingham

We reclaimed the theatre for Lysistrata early in the morning after Nick Ostler's plays' Mysterious Ways and Dead Funny had taken down their set. We put most of our set up and painted all we could. Then we had a break for the night. We met again at 18:00, but I got there at 17:00 to clean up a little. I painted the breast plate white to strengthen it. Tonight we had a rehearsal. It was shit, they did not want to have it at all. The tech, which we did first, was very easy. I just told Chris how I wanted it and he set it up. If I didn't like it, he changed it immediately. It took about half an hour. I dismissed the actors to the Buttery bar during it.


Shamrock, Texas

There was a huge carnival in Shamrock tonight. And a huge dance. But it was a dry county, so everyone brought massive coolers of beer etc, and we could get none. We had polish sausages at the carnival and walked around town until late.


I cleaned my office today, and had an amazing Lamb Sandwich for lunch at La Rana. We made it to the fitness center in time to watch LOST, and then came home to study and play Modern Warfare 2.