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Travel Diary: Entries from the last 35 years. This will include photos, postcards, travel documents and letters as well. Last names of the innocent will be avoided whenever possible. Click on the current date below to start with today's journal entry, otherwise, choose a month below to scroll through my diary entries for that month, starting at the last day of the month and working back in time. Click the +1 to say you like what I've done. Happy travels 2018-1983.

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Where was I living, what was I doing? (where did I work/study?){WHERE DID I VACATION ABROAD}{Where did I travel in the USA}

'90 to '74 Spring Grove, MN (Spring Grove School)'91 Spring Grove, MN (High School)/Decorah, IA (Luther College)'92 Decorah, IA (Luther College) {CANADA to NYC}'93 Tiberias, Israel/Decorah, IA (Luther College/University of Nottingham, UK) {ISRAEL, UK}'94 (University of Nottingham, UK/Decorah, IA/Luther College) {UK, EUROPE}'95 (Luther College) Minneapolis, MN {Colorado, NEW ENGLAND}'96 Minneapolis, MN (MS Society)/ Grand Ave. St. Paul, MN/ (Minnesota Shakespeare Company)/ (CLIMB Theatre) {MIDWEST}'97 St. Paul, MN (CLIMB Theatre)/St. Louis Park, MN {IRELAND,ENGLAND, WALES, California}'98 (St. Louis Park JH Schools) (Best Buy Home Delivery)/(CLIMB Theatre Phoenix, AZ) {New Orleans, Louisiana}'99 Lanesboro, MN/Spring Grove, MN/Iowa City, IA (Commonweal Theatre, Riverside Theatre, Hancher Auditorium)'00 Iowa City, IA/Madison, WI (Wisconsin Union Theatre)'01 Madison, WI {GERMANY, POLAND, HUNGARY, CZECH, SLOVAKIA, DENMARK, NORWAY}'02 Spring Grove, MN {ENGLAND, NYC}'03 Decorah, IA {ENGLAND}'04 Spring Grove, MN {ENGLAND, NORWAY, GERMANY}'05 Spring Grove, MN {ENGLAND} {BWCA}'06 Spring Grove, MN {FRANCE, SPAIN}'07 Spring Grove, MN {FRANCE, NORWAY, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, ENGLAND}'08 Spring Grove, MN {SOUTHWEST}'09 Spring Grove, MN {BELIZE} {California}'10 Spring Grove, MN {my wedding to Rachel}'11 Spring Grove, MN {ROUTE 66 (Iowa to Arizona), NORWAY, SWEDEN, ICELAND}'12 Spring Grove, MN {UK for Malcolm's Wedding}'13 Spring Grove, MN {BOSTON, NEW YORK CITY}'14 Spring Grove, MN {Arizona, Missouri (Feb), Missouri(April), Texas, Kansas, Missouri (Sept)} '15 Spring Grove, MN {CZECH REPUBLIC, BELGIUM, GERMANY}{Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi for the first time} {Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee} {New Orleans, Louisiana}'16 Spring Grove, MN {Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa}'17 Spring Grove, MN {IRELAND, PORTUGAL, AUSTRIA, CROATIA, ITALY, GERMANY, ENGLAND} {Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Iowa, Texas, New York, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma}'18 Spring Grove, MN {GERMANY, CROATIA, CANADA} {Las Vegas, Nevada and Utah }'19 Spring Grove, MN {ENGLAND} {Washington, Oregon}SHAKESPEARE SCENES (CHOSEN BY DAVID FOR YOUR USE!)
The diaries I will be using are from:1983. January 1 to January 8,1983 and January 1 to January 8, 1984 (1 year diary I used for two consecutive years, 8 days each)[green]1987. January 1 to February. (Two sheets of notebook paper detailing my failed relationship with First Girlfriend: pathetic)1993a. January 1993: Israel (notebook of my experiences written for Prof Simon-Hanson)11993x. Sept 6 to Dec 31, 1993 Travel diary for Nottingham and year in England (Blue)1993z. November 13, 1993 to May 24, 1994: England Emails to Luther (printed at Cripps center in Nottingham)1-5,11-12 **1994. January-September 1994:England, Iowa (purchased in the Penzance WHSmith) [Winnie the Pooh DIARY 1994 Day Planner]1-9 **1995a. August 13 to September 1995 (hand made and given to me by SB) [hand made green and purple cover]8-91994. August 11 1994 to September 1996:Money's of the world on the cover. Mostly Poetry, but has just Colorado journaling.1995b. August to September 1995: New England trip (book given by SB) [colorful binding with MY TRAVEL BOOK: A Record Book for Children]8-91995z. September 24, 1995 to March 1999: Midwest, New England (book given by Sharon Storlie) [black with gold scroll]1-3,9-12 **1996. April, 1996 to Dec 1998, with a last page of Aug 25 2007 ( from Amanda inscribed "May your pen flow freely by the poetry of your thoughts")1-12 **1997a. May to June, 1997: Ireland, a rewrite of the handwritten diary, 26 pages. [white paper]5-61997b. April 1997 to August, 1997: Ireland, England, California [native american design cloth cover]4-81998a. February 28 to March 3, 1998: Wales Journal typed from my memoirs(Google Docs)2-3 **1998z. April 1998: Ireland, England [green with Romanian Pinot Gris wine label from Acton Town]42002a. March 2002: England [world globe TRAVEL JOURNAL]32002b. November 11 to December 12, 2002: England, New York (book purchased at Iowa City Art Fair) [blue with deco]11-122002z. December 2, 2002 to May 13, 2003: New York and Arizona (purchased in MOMA in New York) [yellow carpet]1-5,12 **2003. December 31, 2003 to January 5th, 2004: New Years trip to London (book given by Sharon for my travels)[red with gold scroll]12004. August 13 to August 30, 2004: England, Norway, Germany (book given by Kay Capps Cross) [blue and gold]82006. December 4, 2006 to March 2009: Belize trip in 2009 (the leather binding says "Carpe Diem")1-3,12 **














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