080.October 13

Decorah, IA

I spent a lovely morning at work, finished a Stephen King short story at lunch called "Mile 61" on the discretely hidden Phelps Park lower bridge.

The King and Queen of Norway came to Decorah today at 3pm. Jill met me with her Lexus at Deco, and I dropped her off near the Vesterheim, where the royalty were supposedly watching the Nordic Dancers perform. I took the Lexus to my sisters house instead, and prepared the 1963 Airstream for a trip to Decorah. Rachel met me, and she helped clean it out while I got it hitched. Our tags had expired, so I arranged with our neighbor to purchase them for me and to bring them home from work at the county offices. I picked them up shortly after 17:00, and went home to start our enchiladas baking for a party at the Alamo tonight for the play, "Plaza Suite". I also got the electrical adaptor from my garaged so I could finish the hookup. I noticed that pulling the Airstream was a little scary with Jill's Lexus, the weight was a little greater than what it seems the Lexus should pull, but luckily we didn't have to go too fast, and we got to the campground with no problems. We backed it into place, booking a spot until Monday, and then picked up my car, and gave Jill her car back at La Rana, where she was having dinner. Then on to our cast party.

Almost everyone was there, Bethany couldn't make it, unfortunately. Everyone told dirty jokes most of the night, and we had a fabulous time and amazing pies and food. It was Rachel's last binge night before she starts a 45 day diet. We had an amazing night together, not to be forgotten, if not quite remembered.


Rachel played in church this morning while I raked the leaves in our lawn. Jill was running the garage sale in our yard, so I didn't mow. Rachel and I watched an Indian movie and had a lazy day.I had rehearsal at 1920 hrs.


Paris, France

We had a long and late breakfast at Norway House with Champagne and the croissants and paine au chocolat we had just purchased at an award winning bakery, and then headed to the embassy. We walked from there to the Petite Palais and hid out from the rain in their exhibits of arts. The we walked along the Seine, ate escargot and fois grois, and finally, after 6 hours of walking, passing the Eiffel tower and the tiny statue of liberty, we were at our destination.

Radio France Performance in the evening, suggested by Haakon. After the wonderful orchestra and soloist performed, we sleepily travelled back by the overstuffed metro to Cite Universitare.