037.November 25

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today in Nottingham, we will have a big Thanksgiving party at our house. Everyone is going to bring a friend from the University and we are going to have dinner and then a party. I brought Eva Lloret Ivora, a friend and classmate from Middle English class. I will not be able to have dinner with them because I have play practice starting at 18:00. I have a Rhetoric seminar in fourty-five minutes that promises to be quite a bore. This weekend should be quite a time. I have two parties on Saturday night to go to. One starts after bar time is over, so I am going to try to go to the other first, then to the one with people in Rocky Horror, and then back to the first one to finish up the night. I should probably just go home then though. We have papers due to David Faldet next Thursday, and I have not chosen a topic yet. Play practice is taking the bulk of my time now. The International Student Union asked CJ and I to sing a song for the International Student Dinner, with special guest the Sheriff of Nottingham. It is quite an honor, so I hope we do a good job. They asked the president of the New Theatre if they had any good singers who were foreign students. Then they called us. We don't know what to sing yet, but it should be a blast. It is another chance to meet more people, and I never give up those when they come so easily.


Windsor Castle, via London, UK

Monday. Kate work to a breakfast of pancakes this morning. I had gone shopping early this morning for golden syrup and eggs. I also got Yop, a yogurt drink, and juice. I made tea as well. It was quite a lovely breakfast, although the pancake batter was only good for really thin pancakes. After sitting a bit, Kate got more beautiful in the bathroom. We walked to the street together and parted. I took back the movie from last night to Vulture's Video rental, on my way to the train station.

The north London line goes all the way to Acton Central, right next to Malcolm's house, and the trip only takes half an hour. The view was quite different than the usual London trip. Lots of back gardens and ugly views, but it gave a behind the scenes look into North London life, real everyday life. Malcolm made me tea, and we were ready to get in the Mazda and drive to Windsor Castle. The tour was eleven pound fifty, but well worth it for the beauty of the decorations inside. I would go back any day. We spent just over one and a half hours looking through everything. then to a cafe for a perfect clotted cream tea.

We had an early evening, although we did go to the Windmill Pub for a few games of pool. I won them only by default, although I might have been improving a bit by the last game. The pockets were very small, so everything was bouncing out for both of us at first. We made it back to the flat in time for the Simpson's and we watched the fantastic movie "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels". After that, "The Devils (of Loudon)" were on television. How I wish that play would have happened. I auditioned for that a few years ago, it Minneapolis, and was very close to getting cast as the lead, but they cancelled the show. I would have a very different perspective on life after that experience. I would have tried harder for the role, convicing them that the show simply had to happen for the sake of casting me in it.


I heard you may be able to come to my thanksgiving day celebration at my house. Sam is coming, to recreate our New York Thanksgiving two years ago, so I new I had to have it at my new house, but I'm very excited that other people will be coming also. I have a lot of preparing to do, but am very glad you will get to see my house. See you then. The meal will be at or after 3pm on Thursday, and the cocoa and carols will start in front of the piano at 7:30pm with other neighborhood friends and whomever is left. See you then.


Dublin 2017

Thanksgiving day was just Rachel and I, with food provided by Lee on his way from a fundraiser food event at a church somewhere. He brought us two to go Turkey dinners, and we split one each today and tomorrow. We were in cleaning and redecorating mode, and Rachel was recovering from a chest cold. We watched a few movies and connected with my family's Thanksgiving at my brother's house via facetime. It was a lovely day, and I also got to spend some quality time with the chickens, who are only averaging two eggs a day for us. They are trying to get through all of our Halloween decorations, aka pumpkins.