289.March 18

New Theatre, U. of Nottingham

Opening night of my directorial debut in England, Lysistrata, was an excellent show. It was a complete surprise for me. Chorus was hard to understand sometimes, but the show was full of vitality, good cues. It sold out. Most of my house filled up the front two rows of the theatre. I stood and took notes in the back right near the door. I was pleased. We all went to the PB afterwards and had a good time at the karaoke upstairs. (I have pictures of this evening in my files.)



We are in Santa Fe, going to museums today.   We are in the most beautiful B&B, one block from the capital building. Had a lovely St.Patrick's night last night.

We may go to Taos today.


We came home from work and Rachel's classes and went directly to the fitness center, which was empty, and watched LOST while using the machines. Others came in, but they didn't turn on anything else and didn't mind the volume up loud enough for us to watch. It was a wonderful evening.