011.December 21

Rachel and I had lunch in Decorah, at Cho Sun, where I fiddled with my android most of the meal, and she showed off her two new pearly whites to me. We enjoyed a toothsome kiss or two, and then I returned to work until 1700. She picked me up then, and we went for a drink and to fill our bottle of beer at the Toppling Goliath brewery, where Margi was feeling a bit under the weather, and without any staff to relieve her. We were feeling peckish, and because the Goliath was understaffed tonight, we split an spicy Italian submarine at Subway, to consume on our voyage home. As usual, during this time of year, XMAS, the collective Christmas radio station, is playing all and sundry. At home, we decorated the tree, watching "The Music Man" on my newly installed UBUNTU bare bones box, and then the Grinch. I made some tortilla snacks with mango salsa and refried beans.


La Crosse, WI

I'm eating dinner at Buzzard Billy's, at the bar, drinking a Hacher-Pschorr and waiting on my food. I dropped Mark and Rachel off at the church where they will perform a Christmas concert tonight. I have half an hour to get back with Marks muffuletta.

This morning, Rachel played organ in church, and then I helped set up the nave go the Children's Christmas show. I directed the children, and told them to get to their places, adjusted their microphones, and watched the be the best they could be while Rachel played piano for them. It was really great.


After rearranging the placement of our parlor grand piano again, we had guests over for drinks during the blizzard. School had already been canceled, so we had a relaxing night talking with champagne.