320.February 15

Nottingham, UK

I went to the zany The Pocket Dream, a take-off on A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was at the Co-Op Arts Theatre. It is Erin's birthday today, the one many of my letters have been written to.


Tonight Rachel had a jewelry class in Decorah with Jill, and I spent much of the evening cleaning the house while watching two movies. I was very impressed with INTERSTATE 60, and would suggest it to nearly anyone. I finished washing all the dishes from last night's party and watched BAD BOYS.


I spent a very long morning cooking breakfast for Rachel. My home made batter was not very good for the waffles, but I added thousand island to preserve the potatoes for the hash-browns, and they turned out very wonderful. We had strawberries and blue-berries with yogurt. I typed up some travels in Germany from 2004 that got missed, and looked through my box of writings for a certain work. Found it. I had a good time looking through the past. We are going to watch a good movie and have a nice night together.