260.April 16

Passau, Germany

We woke late the next morning. The Lysistrata video tape that I had left at the Friske house came in the mail from his parents. We took showers, and then walked down to a restaurant (a law student hangout) for an excellent breakfast of muesli, fruit and yogurt. Yum. Best breakfast since the same at the University Club at Jill's.

Lars gave me a tour. The cathedral here has the largest organ in the world. The whole town is gorgeous. We talked about the future. Lars told me about his egg-head scholarship last night. I didn't know he was such a scholar. I had an excellent trip with him. It was hard to say bye. I got to ride a double-decker train out of Passau to Munchen, which was my first. I had to switch trains there, and got a chance to walk around the city for an hour. I used the phone to call John.


Rachel had to stay late tonight at school, so I rode the K75  in the windy weather. I had lunch with Friday Lunch Club at La Rana. The ride home was really rough, and I decided not to ride on days as windy as today. My arms were very tired, and I had to keep my speed down much of the ride back.


MSP to Cape Coral, Florida

After landing, we rented an electric Mercedes EQ 250+ and headed to our apartment. We stopped at the Edison/Ford area first,  and got lunch at a 10 Twenty-five restaurant. We toured the waterfront there, and then headed to the apartment. We picked up a few groceries as CVS and then went swimming in the pool before it got too dark.