035.November 27

London to Brooklyn, NY

Malcolm made me some PG tips, I packed, and he took me to the closest tube station. I repacked my bags there, or filled the big one with the little ones. Then I hopped the tran. There was a computer malfunction in the economy section, so I was filtered off to Business Class Checkin, and got into the World Duty Free area to buy some Bowmore Whiskey with my remaining pound notes. I just watched a Christian Slater movie on the flight, and now Scooby Doo is on.

Lastly, I watched "Insomnia" with Robin Williams and "Richard". Then I was at airport customs and all was cleared by 12:45.

I took the Airtrain from New Jersey to NY Penn Station, meeting Sam across the street at the Post Office on 8th Ave and 31 street. We picked up the Turkey on our way to Brooklyn, 17 pounds (weight measure). then when we arrived, we started preparing to cook. For dinner we went for Thai food at a small place, it was exceptional food. I had the Pad Thai, Sam had a red curry soup, which was also great. We picked up a flask of Jim Beam bourbon at a liquor store to keep warm, then walked to Columbus Circle to meet Lydia, Sam's French expatriot friend that he had met the previous evening at a party. We walked along Central Park north until we reached the huge balloons being blown up for tomorrow's parade. The police had the observation route all set out, the people were packed in, and the balloons were netted and weighted down.

Lydia left us on the second full street of balloons, and after I photographed Pikachu, we also boarded the train back to Brooklyn.

I met up with Sam, and we picked up our Thanksgiving turkey on the way back to Sam's place. Tonight, we will watch the balloons being blown-up for the famous thanksgiving day parade. I will be busy cooking tomorrow during the parade, I will be basting the turkey, though I know not how. Our guests arrive at four. We just had a shot of the Bowmore whiskey I bought at duty free.


Minneapolis, MN to Marseille, France,

Tonight, I arrived home from a trip to France, via Northwest Airlines from Marseille with a two hour stopover in Amsterdam, at Schiphol (AMS) which was enough time for some pastries and a nice walk through the lovely airport. I left at 6:10 from the Marseille Airport after taking the taxi there by myself shortly after 05:00. The airport was tiny, and that was one of two planes flying out that early in the morning, so it was pretty simple. I had a pretty horrible trip, in many ways. But Rome was nice, and most places were fun to see again.


Festival of Trees in Spring Grove.

Rachel and I were to host a variety of things today. First, Thanksgiving dinner for John's kids. However, since one of us had been under the weather, and preventing us from going to anyone else's house for Thursday's Thanksgiving, we also decided that taking the turkey et all to their house would be more appropriate. Elyse stopped by just beforehand for a cappuccino and to hang out with me a her cool friend.

When we arrived at Jodi's house, they were just leaving to tour the town Christmas festival, so we got some time to put everything into the oven to keep it warm and set the table, also setting up the dessert spread, and Rachel made the punch. I was proud of the turkey, this time stuffed with so much sage from our garden that I'm surprised there is any left.

We played a word guessing game called Neanderthal or something like that where one can just use one sound words to get them to guess new word. It was good for kids too. After having the pie and ice cream, we went home to rest and sew up the cuff on a pair of pants I wanted to wear, so that Rachel and I would match. We looked quite good.

The Festival of Trees was quite lovely, and we had plenty of time to mingle before the auction. We got to sit in the bed of our 1957 Chevy truck and introduce the items for the auction. We did hold off on bidding until halfway through, when there were an ugly sweater I had my eyes on, and then a pair of socks, also with a cash prize. Then the gloves were off for an all out battle with Kristi and Phil for the strawberry jam basket donated by Wolds.

After the event, we also bid on left-over pork and cookies from the event, and stored the non-perishable items in the truck to be picked up tomorrow. It was a great night, and there should be plenty of pictures to check out from this.