308.February 27

Nottingham, UK

I went out to eat at an Indian Restaurant at 20:00. It was fabulous. I gave a 4 pound tip out of my stupidity, slowness and politeness. Tips aren't always standard here.


London, UK

I slept in Kate's guest room again until 09:00, then I woke, showered, dressed and was out at 10:30. I called Bob Larson and left a messsage at 11:30 or so and was back by noon at the flat, having found out that he was also in London and I would have no way of getting in touch with him. I left London today and arrived for a day in Cardiff. I visited the National Museum and stayed near the beach downtown, in a small Bed and Breakfast right near an Indian restaurant.



I have Returned to Wales after 2 nights in London. If you had not gathered, I visit cities for the sake of their galleries. Cardiff's National Museum has a great collection of Impressionism, and Monet is well represented there. Also, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, whom you will remember by his poetry I read to you at the park pavillion (in Shrewsbury).

Antigone was performing at 13:30 in the Jewel Theatre at Luther, which Rachel had to write reports about. We both enjoyed the performances and the set, which was the focus of Rachel's observations. She dropped me off at Deco to do some upgrades and updates, and then picked me back up after 17:30 to have dinner at Rubiayat. We discussed with the owner our plans for our groom's dinner there on August 13th, and everything looks great. It sound's like we should have no problem coming up with a menu for our guests. We had a nice bottle of 2006 Pinot Grigio from Jacuzzi vineyard. I had a tuna pot pie, amazing.

The recital we were waiting around for was cancelled, so we went to a Kevin Smith movie called COP OUT which was very funny, and then back to work. I finished my projects, and we came home. I must read in church tomorrow, so I practiced once through.


In the spirit of today in 1994 and 1998, I had an Indian meal I prepared last night out of cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms, a bunch of steamed vegetables I made in my rice cooker, a little sweetened condensed milk (treacle) in the sauce, and basmati rice with Indian spices that I've had in my cupboard since Madison. It tastes surprisingly good and authentic. Rachel will be leaving the house today by herself for the first time since she sprained her ankle to teach lessons in Caledonia. I pulled the Mercedes around to the front of the house so she could get to it easily on crutches and her ankle boot. We will meet again at 18:45 for our first rehearsal of "ALL IN THE TIMING", where we will perform the first scene of the show together, called "Sure Thing". I ordered a second PS3 because my old one from 2007 just had the YLOD and RLOD. I've ordered some older ones for parts to try to repair mine, but that was just a waste of money because even if they do work, I won't be able to trust them to work much longer. This indian dish is wonderful. I'm very impressed with myself for creating the recipe.