239.May 7

Lake District, England

Was a memorable day because of the rowboat ride we took across the Lake we were staying on. We ended up in a sheep pasture and graveyard of sorts along the banks. I played baseball with a huge heavy stick and numerous rocks, using the fish as my outfielders. I was in a separate mood that day, and did not appreciate the other people around me very much. I did have a good day, comes down to it. We went to Peter Rabbit's garden, for real.


The Lord finally bought me a Mercedes-Benz! We picked it up in La Crescent at 14:00 from the nicest guy I've ever bought a Mercedes-Benz from. I followed his Corvette to the credit union where he had his lien on the car, presumably to pay for his brand new BMW X5. Then I met Rachel for Mung food in downtown La Crosse. I had to take off in time to get to the courthouse to transfer the title, which was $421, as he had tabs good until April 2013. I showed the Mercedes to John, then took it out to show Llewellyn at Jill's house, and over the my parents house to show my mom. We went on a ride through Riceford and Mable. The both loved it.

Kathrine sent a message that the Wedding book was back from Italy, so when Rachel came home from La Crosse, we went there before we went to pick up my car in Caledonia, where I'd met her earlier in the day. I brought a bottle of Chianti, which we shared while going through the book. It is beautiful, and really captures all of the best of the wedding, except the sounds.