277.March 30

Barcelona, Spain

We didn't want to leave Montpellier because it was so majestic, but going back to Barcelona sounded both exciting and necessary to me. When we arrived, we took the metro to the hostel and sorted out Lars' card. Then we went to the Gaudi Cathedral, which is made without a single straight line on the front. It is the strangest cathedral I've ever seen. It had possibly the most beautiful front. We saw some other amazing buildings by Gaudi earlier on the way from the train station to the hostel with Lars' card(they did not have any room for us). The cathedral was not finished, because Gaudi had died, but it will continue to be worked on. We bought a breakfast of fake chocolate milk and pastries, and boarded the train.


Tonight we ate at the Americana after work, and I dropped Rachel off for class again while I waited for Chris and Katie to bike to the Whippy Dip from the Freeport bridge park. Rhonda met us and we ate at T-bocks. We watched LOST and V at their house and came home. Then we stayed up and typed up addresses for our invitations.


We returned today from Seattle, having had an amazing vacation.