251.April 25

Madison, WI

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 23:06:18 -0600

I walked on some large stones along the lake today, they've been freshly placed to resemble nature. Very nice. I mostly did research on restoring the Airstream, and, at work, we had a conference of the Association of Government Accountants. You can imagine how exciting that must have been. I spoke with my oldest brother on the phone, he is ten years and two days older than I, and we planned out going camping with his three kids and wife sometime in my trailer.


London, UK

I'm at a pub I'm frequenting because of a Real Ale Fest, where I can taste Cask Ales from around the country in small quantities. They change daily, so I stop here everyday and get a few sampler plates. Yesterday I met Malcolm. Tomorrow I'll meet him and Kate at a Jazz Club. My feet are quite tired, I've been walking everywhere. I haven't even been in the underground yet. The weather has been good. I've gone to all my favourite galleries and museums, which are good hangouts if it drizzles. I had a cream tea with scones at the Tate this morning. That's my favourite gallery anywhere. My hotel is cheap for London. No perks except traditional English breakfast, which I skipped this morning. I do have a TV and a bathroom, though. I should buy another fancy shirt for tomorrow, but I can't decide. I wish I could have come with Chris and family when they traveled here. This is my second home.


Decorah, Iowa

We had breakfast at T-bocks, and then came home. I cleaned for a while, then went to Jill's for dinner. Rachel joined later and studied while I watched "The History of US" on PBS.


Rocheporte, Missouri

Rachel and I took the Nissan down to Missouri to see her Grandma Joyce. She was totally shocked at the wonderful surprise. We stayed with Julie in Rocheporte and had a lovely night that lasted until 04:00 the next morning, singing and hanging out with musicians in their living room.