121.September 2

I’m lying in a pile of my bedding. I jumbled it up so I cold move all my things. Today, John is re-carpeting this room, so I must move all out. After that, I will take the train down to Park Square Station, and see the things that will be closed over the weekend. Like the State House. It will also give me a chance to get familiar with the train so that I can easily get to Logon Airport and back in a reasonable time. Also, at 13:30, I would like to get the Boston Museum guided tour.

Hank’s Pub

Guinness like cold sour milk, better than soda bread and raisin dark ice cream head on a black bear fine toothed. Easiness, portraits of Elvis and the Clydesdales. Friendly Irish hello from the guy at the door casually mislaid. What if I take out my cards and start solitaire. What’s a guy to do on smooth wood balsam table tops, glazed with plastic Barstools of square leather paunch. Music of straight bass ‘50s. Women in flowered white dresses flicking ashes as they look away. I want red floor mirrors textured with gold paint. Good Guinness pint. Best idea Guinness had to ship those here. I hope they make a million John Wayne glares on Hank’s lovely wall of Star Trophies. And the worst flower collage picture, dime-store and more than hotel rooms could take. Tic-tac strike bowling game, played by a master of an old man. I’ll be that age someday if lucky. This would be my pub if I lived here. It is five times England and with a plus- it’s got American brew.


We went grocery shopping after I picked Rachel up from babysitting Ole and Elyse. We made Steaks and watched Kick-Ass. We both loved the movie and want to be that kind of super hero. We went to Sarah's patio to share Rachel's salsa creation, and Allison was there. We had a lovely time, though the weather is turning cold. Mark kept the fire burning like a boy-scout while Meghan entertained us with her crazy stories.


I took Jill to the hospital in La Crosse after I inviting the rest of the family over for lunch. I got out of all the work, and had to do some shopping for Frida before her first day of school tomorrow. We played GNOMES after I mowed the lawn, and before we all headed off for bed. All of the family girls had a great day, except Jill, who had to spend the night at Gunderson Lutheran with an infected tonsil.