145.August 9

Sam, Romy, Rachel, and I went canoeing after I finished work on Monday. We started at a bridge just down the stream from the Round House, and the dock was just a mud hole, but once we were in the canoe, it was all wonderful. Sam and I paddled, so we had seats, and the women folk sat on the hull of the canoe. We had fun drinks and beer the whole way, until we started taking in water when we got to a fast section just inside Luther. Sam swam to the shore, and a security guard from Luther encouraged us and let me borrow his phone to call Chris.

Chris and Katie picked us up and helped us load the canoe onto his vehicle. We stopped for my truck on the way, and they dropped us at the RoundHouse. We made steaks, and had a wonderful meal of the largest rarest steaks in history. It was wonderful, though I had to swap with Sam because mine was still kicking. We drank lychee martini's and cucumber martini's, and played some Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty: World at War. Rachel watched "Public Enemies" and I fell asleep during the first five minutes.


We had breakfast at Doc's during a meeting to plan out an Art's grant with Lisa. Megan was also at the restaurant, and I talked to her while Rachel held the meeting at another table. We then met with Jill over some coffee. After we left, we went to the hardware store to buy paint and rent a nail gun. We didn't one that would work for what we needed, so we went to the old house started moving more furniture out and redoing the pantry. Rachel worked on this while I got the tin ceiling tiles ready to be installed in the piano room. We watched HOUSE when we came home, and ordered what we needed online at Menards so that my parents could pick them up tomorrow.