025.December 7

I am reading Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, and I love it. It keeps getting better and better, and is the perfect end to the saga so far, only leaving me wanting more. Lunch at Magpie today.

When I got home, I removed a built in cabinet in the kitchen to place in the pantry, and installed an electrical plug in the wall between the pantry and the front entry.


A few days ago I finished the most recent Christopher Paolini book, Murtagh.  It was very good, and I think his writing really has gotten better since he he wrote the first one at 14 or whatever age he was back then.

Last night, we invited a group over to my old house, and I made pizza. Rachel and Sara had come to make cookies for the Art Gallery fundraiser. The rest of us read "American Dream" by Edward Albee. They loved it collectively as a whole, and everyone laughed so much, I think it would be fun for us to do it.

We slept at the old house afterwards. It was such a nice time, and I miss that place.