174.July 11

Boston is such a beautiful place. The city in the fading sunlight and all the wonderful buildings with pointy tops too. I am planning to go back sometime, we were only there three hours. Walking so quickly around was not enough. We did see the most beautiful parts and many of the most historic. Old North Church was great. I felt very strange looking at the graves of Paul Revere, John Hancock and whomever else I saw. Also, being in a trade port such as this, it sparked my interest in world travel and not only that but some ideas that had never been in my mind came to visit.

This is the last planned day of our camping trip. I woke up early and took a shower. I'm not excited, I just had enough sleep. I did not wake Lars this morning. He sleeps a lot later than I do on this trip. And consequently, very often, I wake him up in the morning. But this morning I did not, and so I have free use of his pen. I must find my fountain pen or get another. I prefer writing with this so much better than a regular ball-point.


Hvar 2017