188.June 27

Munster, Germany

John and I woke at noon, so we rushed in our slow way. Jen came by with my laundry after her class, and when I finished packing, we went out to eat at the Vegetarian restaurant. Sarma, whom I saw on the street, came along to eat. Then John and I went to the station, and I got on the train. I've been reading most of the time since 15:05. I had a good time at John's. Now I am on the ferry. I had another late train (fourty-three minutes) but I got here. I will read a bit, or try to sleep.


After breakfast of yesterdays black-cap pancakes and Patty's coffee, I took Andrew to the barn to get some of the set building wrapped up. We finished strengthening the two larger platforms on wheels. Patty had an interview at Seed Savers, so I took Andrew and Elyse to Chris's house. I then went to Deco and spent the day, or 6 hours of it, working on installing new drives in two servers. I went to lunch at Chris's at around 13:00. We had rehearsal at 19:00, where we did the 1st Act of the show.