218.May 28

Edinburgh, Scotland

At 05:00, the group of people I'd lived with for 9 months departed from Nottingham for the US. They woke me up and I said "ta-ta" to Becca and the rest. After they left, we realized An had left her bags outside. David Faldet called Kiron on the bus, and they came back. Then I went back to bed. Jill and Mike rang the doorbell at 10:00 and I let them in. After some laundry and cleaning, we set off on the taxi for the train. We went through Grantham to Edinburgh. We drank much Bunnahahbain and Old Specked Hen on the way. We passed by Durham, which was a joy to see from the train. I had opened my bottle of whisky there first. Now we were drinking from the same bottle eight months later. We got to Edinburgh, then drank at a few pubs, walked around all over, and returned to a B& B to sleep.