136.August 18

Fagerness, Norway

The hotel’s frokost was lovely, great coffee, as always. We packed up, checked email. I wrote to Chris so that no one would worry.After checking out, we put our things in the car and went shopping.

Thought we went to 4 stores, I only purchased a pair of Cloud Shoes made in Norway for 11000 NOK, about $150. Yikes, but wonderful. I felt so much better with arches. Walking became a dream. On to Gol by car.

At Gol, we stopped at the Stavekirk to take pictures. I enjoyed the church, which was actually a recreation of the one in the Norwegian folkmuseet in Olso. Then we saw a cheesy “museum” about Norsk gods. Horrid, but memorable. I checked for the Lycra/wool pants I bought here last time. The style had changed too much and they didn’t have the right length/size. I passed.

We stopped at Husfliden with the Hallingdahl bunad’s for women. We drove on.

In Nesbyen, first we stopped to see Eivar Thoen at the Hotel, said hello, remembered memoriest and I corrected his fabrications about Kari’s bunad. He told me to stop by Storeli and Kari’s Plantebue.

(more to come)


Hugh Laurie concert in Minneapolis, which was preceeded by dinner at Buca di Beppo with Laurel, Tyler, Bethany, Rachel, Jill, Jacob and Mike (the producer).


Rachel and I drove to Decorah for work together at 06:30 in the Golf TDI. She was filling in at KVIK all week, and I was going to work early with her. I had lunch with Douglas at Pizza Hut, and then picked up Rachel at T-bocks. She had been shopping for dinner items, and we stopped at my parents house to cook it. Rachel had to meet with an artist at the gallery so she could switch out her items, and Rachel arranged to buy our favorite piece by the artist, of course against my wishes. It is a lithograph of a buffalo made of maps. I enjoyed about an hour including dinner with my parents, and then went home to fix the gas dryer. I'd ordered the parts online, and after taken it out of the dryer to work on it, I quickly replaced the parts (after turning off gas to the appliance) reassembled and voila, everything works great again. I love things like this. Now the dryer should work another 10 years. I watched a movie while Rachel edited and printed photos for a card for Karen and Jim. They sent her flowers this year for her birthday, and she wanted to repay them. It is good to have time with Rachel again at our house. She won my heart over tonight when she went out on her own to bag up the garbage for pickup in the morning. I went to help her. It was pretty disgusting because of the heat and rain, as we had missed the last few pick-ups because we did not have the recycling bags we needed to have the city pick up our garbage. Finally, our house is getting back to shape.