283.March 24

London, UK

Brother John and I woke at 08:00 and showered for breakfast. Then we went to the British Museum, where we looked at Hindu, Egyptian, Greek and Roman stuff. We ate at a cafe (I had chicken curry from God, and tea). We went for half price tickets at Leicester Square for a show, but John wasn't very interested in the shows. We walked to the Tower of London. This is a very long hike from Leicester Square. I assure you. It was a beautiful day, but that was a long way. The Tower was closed by the time we arrived.

Back to the hostel at 19:00. We ate buffet at the same Pizza Express, but this time we only had my bag to climb around. A woman inside said someone stole her purse, but it was at the buffet. Then she walked out without paying anyway. I boarded the train for Europe on platform five and set off with a group of German and Spanish students going south.


Monkey River Town, Belize

Today we went on a trip along the Monkey River, starting in Placentia after getting a ride with our two Canadian friends next door. We all went together, after booking it yesterday on our trip in to town. We met our guide at the dock, and took a cheap covered speed boat with 2 brits and the 2 canadians. We saw anaconda, bats, snakes, howler monkeys, land crabs, fish, birds of all kinds, which was his specialty, bamboo stands planted by settlers. We even saw the royal rat, which was in a cage in monkey river town being fattened up for eating. We had chicken, rice and beans there, and more belikan beer. Then back to Maya beach and a relaxing night.


After work, where I recycled 1325 pounds of computers and servers (over $300,000 worth when they were new), I drove the 57 chevy truck to Jill's for dinner with her and Rachel. Rachel and I went on a beautiful walk along the dry creek bed in the woods down to the Riceford Creek and back. It was a walk to remember, as all are in that most beautiful spot of my parents farm. I have to take advantage of it now before a new crop of corn goes in.