294.March 13

Nottingham, UK

At 16:00 the Playhouse Project met, but only Gjury and I showed up. We had some good ideas. Then we broke. I held two run-throughs and some good chorus work on Lysistrata, a five hour rehearsal with masks. They look good. I think that I am getting it under control now and I feel good about the work I am putting into it, but the rest of my life is suffering. I haven't even sorted out my month-long break, starting next weekend.

I started a brew of Dry Irish stout to drink when I get back from break.


I spent the entire day at home, and very little of it out of the house. I worked a little more on the motorcycle windshield mount. I'll take it to my parents house tomorrow morning and cut off an unnecessary bracket. Otherwise, I scanned pictures and watched V, the 2009 series that I think will start up again soon. I'm hooked.