341.January 25


At 08:00, I was woken by a knock on the door signaling that I overslept, I dashed on clothes, and joined the group going to Old town early to shop for antiquities. I accompanied Becca to the Armenian quarter. We broke off from the group to take the Zion Gate, but passed it and walked along the wall to the gate nearest the Wailing Wall. We followed the path we had taken the day before back to the Zion gate, and found the Armenian shops all closed. We sat on the David Citadel Taxi stone benches until we saw Richard Simon Hanson, who took Becca to an Armenian shop for an icon. They were too expensive, she instead bought a clay print of an illuminated manuscript. Then we went back to the hotel. On the way, I bought some bread and was given a strange homemade spice.

We went to the store where Becca bought some Maccabbee and Goldstar beers for her father. I was locked out of my room, but got the hotel to open my room so I could take a shower. After dressing and placing my bag in the hall so it could be removed by the luggage men, I asked around if anyone wanted to get one more look at the old city's shops. John Charlson accepted so he could get some pictures, and we started off just before Noon. We looked in jewelry shops, and haggled for prices. I found something I liked, and was able to drop it from 220 shekels to 100 shekels. He wanted John's watch too, but I wasn't at liberty to part with it. It was fun. Most of the shops were closed because of some annual strike that I know nothing about. Since we had a prize, we went back to the hotel at 13:00, gathered luggage and loaded the bus. We left at 13:30. The airport security in Tel Aviv was not that bad. I only had to open my luggage and let them dig a bit, then we were off to the plane. Now, in the air above the Mediterranean, the sun is setting.On the way home, I'm thinking about what I will miss most. FOCUS> On place, people, times, a single class, and friends. I have enjoyed having only one time to worry about. We were fed, given homes and given a place to go. It was exciting to have fun with the same people and grow to know who they are. I was very annoyed, at times, when they were all stuck on watching MTV. (I didn't like that when there were so many new things we could be doing.) Tiberias was a fun city, not too fun, but fun. I did not get close looks at the crusader walls and the Jewish buildings. I wish I would have made it up to the mountain above Tiberias. The best fun was being on top of the Horns of Hattim. I felt close to the people who went with me there for the first time. I think it was because we had done something that required will because we were led in the same direction by our selves. It is the same with this trip. The people here really want to be here and to study. It wasn't just another class to fulfill a requirement. This we all knew of each other, so we expected more from each other. It was a lot easier than trying to please a whole lot of teachers and friends. Place had a lot to do with it. None of us could rely on anyone but us.


Jill came over, and Frida, Rachel and I played Monopoly and Life.


I went to a Intro to Chainsaws class at Nettle Valley Farms at 9 am, and then a Felling and Bucking class later that afternoon. Rachel is in St. Paul with Jill until this evening, when we will go to Brownsville for Pizza and Jen's Birthday celebration.


We got new tires for the Ford Sport Track, and we switched cars after work so Rachel could get going. She took my house keys, and when I reached home, realized the wind chill was -20 farenheit I headed off to Dad's house to watch TV and helicopter class video's with him. After, when Rachel headed back, I met her at the YOOH building and we had a celebration with Jen and a few others for her birthday. This definitely through her off of thinking that we'd have another party for her tomorrow night with the majority of the cast.