252.April 24

London, UK

I'm ...enjoying a Theakstons "Old Peculiar" which is made with Molasses. Last nights Mousetrap was very fun. Small audience though. We were nearly as good in Spring Grove, and the set was just the same. Tonight I will meet my friends at a Jazz Club, but so far, I've not been able to contact Kate. I've been every where. My feet kill me. I'm gaining so much weight from Ale. Hope to lose it soon. I'm trying to find someplace to get online to check mail, but am failing. I'll go to "The Entertainer" tomorrow night at the Old Vic Theatre, one of the oldest theatres in London. I much prefer wrting postcards to letters. I just ate a minted lamb burger and went to the National Gallery. Now I am just wandering through London, stopping to use the phone whenever I pass one. I'm very excited about the summer show at YOOH.


Decorah, Iowa

My class was good, Rachel's recital was amazing. We ate with family and at Mabe's afterwards, and then Rachel and I joined them at Chris's house to play games and talk. We had dinner at the Stonehearth with Lynn, Wally and Joyce. Then back to Chris's, video games with Andrew, Chris, and John.