214.June 1

Glasgow, Scotland

We woke early and took a cab to meet the ferry to Maillog to catch the train to Glasgow to Crewe to Nottingham. We took pictures during the train ride to Glasgow, which was the most beautiful train ride ever imaginable. We also figured out what we were going to do and if we would continue to travel together. I decided to go to Nottingham and get my work done so I would not have to worry about getting a grade for that course. Originally, I was going North to Thurso and the Orkney Islands. I was going to finish up my course work and arrange the taping of our Playhouse project earlier so I could start my lonesome traveling early. I packed some, threw away much. I sorted my things on the flat computer and squeezed on a disc to bring home.


Kenmare, Ireland


We had our first cast Read-Through of "Kiss Me Kate" tonight. We sung through all but one of the songs too, and it took about 2 and 1/2 hours. There was lots of laughing, and I think everyone is confident that it will be a funny show. We made a final casting decision and combined two of the characters into one before bed.


Inger spent the day with us, and we eventually invited Chris, Rhonda, Katie, Lee, Jacob, John, Patty, Elyse, Ole, and Celia over for 5 homemade pizza's of our own devising. We had a Thai Chicken that was voted the best pizza ever, and some taco pizza's that were quite good. A little to spicy for any of the kids. We stayed up talking and transferring pictures. This was the first time Jacob had been in the house, so he got a tour. We talked over life goals while sitting on the front porch.