069.October 24


It was sunny and partly cloudy. I just finished my dinner, hot chili, while watching rugby on TV and listening to Paul Simon on my headphones. Today, I woke up at 15:00. I went immediately out to the field nearby with Ian, Drew Curtis, and Kris to play American Football. The field had five or more football fields, so we just played in the end zone of one of them. Ian acted as full time quarter-back first half, and I was second half. We played for an hour. It was very fun. I hurt my right pointer finger. When I got back, I helped An make chili. I returned Babbet's Feast a day late. I sat down here and ate this Tabasco tortured chili. Jen, Kris and I went to The Wheatsheaf and had a pint of bitter. We decided to call Jen "the Amazing Feisty Woman."


Madison, WI

Thursday, October 24, 2002 12:06 AM

I got some feedback on my first time recording on the computer and trying to make it sound good. I found a few ways to improve it and recorded a few other things, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm doing a couple songs a night.

I just went to a They Might Be Giants concert with some friends. It was fun, but that is about all I can say about it. I guess I liked them better three years ago when I saw them outdoors in the drowning rain.

I'll be here in Madison until Sunday, but I might make a trip to Chicago soon to get my passport rushed.


I had a nice day at work, productive yet diverse, and when I arrived home, we cleaned a bit for the upcoming Halloween party. I made dinner, but Rachel also brought home pizza and chicken strips from Kwik Trip. We sat in the dinning room and discussed the upcoming weekend with Frida. We had our first dress rehearsal for Escanaba. I spent the rest of the night until 01:30 cleaning the basement and decorating for the Halloween Party on Friday.


Dijon, France then Paris