102.September 21

Nottingham, UK

From 09:00 to 12:00 we had a house course. I was more awake than yesterday. However, it all seems more boring than actually looking at the real McCoys. At noon, we went downtown in the heavy rain for lunch. I went shopping downtown today. I walked down with a bunch and we ended up at Victoria Center. From there, we broke up, and I went to the Sony shop, but they didn't have the transformer for my CD player. Then I walked, dropped off my film, looked for boots, jeans, music, leathers, and fun. On my way home, I ran into my group and went back with them. We ate, talked, and played Shadow Run. Then we went to the pub. When we came back, I packed and went to bed.


Willy Wisely (whom I've worked with before at the Playwrights Center and is now a Los Angeles based musician famous in Japan) is playing at the Kitty Cat Club at 11:30pm, and I'm thinking of going there after the concert with my entourage. We will meet you at any restaurant before the concert. We met up with him there. I'd emailed him, so he was expecting me and I ended up looking pretty cool to Rachel at the club.


Rachel was sick today, and I came home an hour early with my mother, who was in Decorah for tea with Rhonda and her mom, to sew grass seeds on my new lawn. I went to lunch with my father at Walmart, where I was buying grass seeds and fertilizer. We ate a McDonalds on my suggestion. I had rehearsal with Carol and Sara, and then joined Rachel in her sickbed after cleaning the kitchen.


Read-through of Escanaba in Love tonight. Rachel and I spent the day cleaning the garage at the Newhouse. We put the 57 Chevy in there at night, and were very pleased we got the work done. She spent the night at John's baby sitting with Jill and Sharon during practice.