194.June 21

Munster, Germany

We met Steffi at the Mensa for lunch at 12:25. We met with a friend of John's from Turkey too. I showed Steffi my spring break pictures and we talked a bit, about friends and traveling. When she left, I sat along the Ausse till John was finished with his conversation. We biked home, and sat around. John tried to figure out which grad school he would apply to, or if he would. Then we went to eat gyros and pizza. I had a Veltin's pilsner. We stopped at Sandra's flat to talk about travels in India for half an hour. We talked a bit about sarcasm. She accused me of not speaking much. Then, John and I biked to a pub to meet Mikhail and Martina. I talked to Stewart, from Manchester about politics and literature.


I read about the early times in Jerusalem at lunch at T-bocks. We skipped supper and went out to the barn to clean up from last night. We had a full cast arrive and we ran the end of the show, from Act 1:9 and then started over from the beginning to 1:2. It was a productive night, but we stayed there past 23:00 again.