the flower you had

of skin

was chaste

well before

you cracked

your vase

and innocence

sweet pea

was open-eyed

when you first


the blossom lied

that never was

a flower nor

show of grace

but was pressed

by a previous race

from which


by Adam's hand

when Eve bore


unto a man

hers was

no flower

and no prize

except perhaps to

that man's eyes

she gave

or took

more than she lost

though now

you count

it as a cost

If you bore

a child or more

they'd flower


innocence unknown

since fair puberty 

took your own

but since you've nothing

lost nor gained

your flower sweet

you will retain

within your stomach

proud and high

as procreation places

for breeding races

if you'll have no children

the mirage

you lost grew of nothing

but your pride

which you should have exhaled

when you learned Jesus cried