063.October 30

Post date: Oct 31, 2010 7:11:24 AM

Our second performance of "Blithe Spirit" was even better than the first. I started the day slowly and a bit thinned by last nights drinking and frivolity at the Liquor Store after our performance. Rachel had insisted on drinking things that were called for in the show, and we gave it a try. We joined Laurel, Sarah, and Mark for breakfast at the Ivy Grove, and then to the opera house to run some scenes with Rachel. I went to bed after that, well, after some yard work and running my last monologue quite a few times while I watered the grass, etc. I had a costume malfunction during Act 2, both of my shoes broke. Luckily, I only use them in the first Act and a half, so I was able to slip into something else soon enough, though it caused me to make up a few words now and then.

We went to Rob and Amy's party later, and it was fun, but I really want to be ready for tomorrow. I stayed up late transferring pictures and video from my camcorder.