068.October 25

Nottingham, UK

I had Rhetoric at 11:00, and then spent the rest of the day trying to do homework. EB and I acted out lots of Shakespeare plays for fun. That night I went to the Governor's cocktail party with Kris, John, Stacey, and Jen. I talked to other foreign students about death customs, and had free drinks. We came back for class, but before we went down to class, we snuck into the kitchen and ate the quiche and apple cobbler saved for us. It was excellent, wow. We went to class, and then watched "Henry the Fifth," with Kenneth Branaugh. I stayed up late and took a shower.


Madison, WI

I am in a coffee house called Mother Fools, discovered to me long before I moved here. I had no idea the shape or flow of the city of Madison at that time, I imagined this place in quite a romantic area near the train tracks. I suppose it is, but no closer to tracks than perhaps any other part of the city. This is, however, the coolest part of town, if there is one. It is also know as the hippy area from another era. And sitting with my laptop, feeling altogether not a beatnik, I'm working on my typing skills by putting all of my journal from a trip to Wales onto my computer. Storing it digitally I suppose, so it makes it into the next generation, where we don't have to read words, but our brains download them in streams. Maybe with the speed of an espresso shot. My favorite coffee shop shirt of this decade simply states: Espresso Doesn't have an X. When should I come to Europe? My answer currently could be November 7 through November 27. I would, as far as it looks now, fly into London and out of Frankfurt, to make me travel instead of just sit on my ass in some lacky pub. I would try to spend most of my time in Britain, God knows why, perhaps it is because of the balmy weather. My coffee is tepid as a stale romance. Another airstream showed up at my trailer park, a cute little 18 foot Bambi, probably a year or two old. Mine is now forty years old, that seems so strange. Why did I do that to myself? Well, it is cute enough, probably even more sleek. I don't work until 2145 tonight. Therefore I've been staying up very late after each work call. I have fun, in my own simple ways, but I know that I'm going to miss the relationships that now after over two years living here are just starting to blossom. It encourages things that I have absolutely nowhere to be each night after I'm done with work and am not working in another state at the same time.


Rachel and I watched "Conversations with Other Women", and called it "the best movie I have seen in a really long time". It was filmed with two perspectives, a camera always focused on each of them. We decided we don't need any Romeo and Juliet sh**, we both get the real poison.

I stayed in Decorah after work, playing soccer outside with Katie. She hit me in the face with the soccer ball, and my eyes still sting. It was a softer soccer ball, luckily. We were taking turns playing goalie. Andrew and I played a few games as well, and then I went to S.R.Dixon performing a short story at Dragonfly books in Decorah. His story was wonderful, but was more psychological drama that horror, perhaps. I highly suggest picking up a copy, which I plan to do in the next few days.


We had a wonderful time hosting the Halloween Party at our house. I had enough time the night before to clean up the basement for the messier games we might play involving cups of beer, and the Gross's had done a great job make the upstairs area look very scary for the majority of the party victims. We have quite a few decorations ourselves, but they have bodies, and skeletons, and very scary things that added an element of fear to our lovely house. We had some wonderful people show up, Elvira, Burger King, Caveman, Sex Therapist, SheAbe and Mr. Laura. Ms. Nelson, Loufa, The Black Swan, Albert, Remnar, and da Kimmer, a witch, the Wonder Twins WWWrestlers, Dorothy, and some black creature. I went as a plague doctor, and my mask was very scary, but it made it hard to see, so mostly, I just wore a cape. I worked a little on shotgunning beer for the show with Sarah, and tippy cup downstairs in the basement was fun, but I think the majority of fun things happened upstairs after I went to bed after midnight.


Paris, France