093.September 30

York, and the U of Nottingham.

I woke early, 06:30 accidentally. I took a long shower. Then to breakfast. We left for York with five buses of international students. Lisa, Jana, Eve, and I did almost everything together. Later we met with Liz, and lost Jana. We went to the Punch Bowl again and had lunch there. I had Cauliflower marnais. It was so delicious with a pint of Bass Ale. We went shopping. I bought a pair of corduroy khaki pants. I lost everyone. On my way to the Barbican center to the buses, I stopped at an Army surplus store and got a heavy, lined, black, hooded, German military jacket for this year. Then the bus took us back to Nottingham. I ate dinner, and came back to my room to write on my pictures. We met David F. downstairs to talk about registration. We stayed there, played cards, and listened to bad Chinese singers doing Karaokee.


I got a coonskin cap to wear for my role in "Escanaba in da Moonlight" tonight, and wore it home because it felt so good. We had a lovely dinner together and I finished painting the entertainment room, but I hate the color.