258.April 18

Paris, France

We rose rather late and went to the Louvre. We saw as much as we could until we were very tired. Mona Lisa was upsetting. The building was magnificent. The Egyptian room too. Now. Then we were back to the hotel and collapsed after going shopping for tomorrow's breakfast. We fell asleep and never woke up, so we didn't see Paris at night. C'est la vies.


I realized that I have a few journals I've missed out on, during this month. I'll try to add them all tonight. We'll see how many words I'll have to type. It might mean that I'm catching up slowing from the end of March.

It was a lovely Sunday. I changed oil in both bikes this weekend. To do this I had to take them on long rides to get them warm enough to make the oil run. I took the XJ650 35 glorious miles, with a little stop to see how my mom was recovering from her surgery. I joined Jill for dinner at Doc's, and then went to a movie "Bounty Hunter" at the Cinema.