175.July 10

New Haven, Connecticut

Morning, on Hammonasset Beach State Park. I just got out of the shower. I don't feel wonderful this morning, but that is probably because of the weather. It rained really hard last night. And that kept me awake. The wind was blowing like a jet and coming in the chimney vent of the tent with rain water mixed with it. We haven't been anyplace this open to the wind yet. And being along the beach really lowers the wind chill factor.

It wasn't cold last night. Lars and I walked out to the beach (which is a long distance from our campsite) I the darkness. It was a great night. That was my first ocean beach that I've ever walked on. The first sighting was in New Hampshire, but this was a beach. Wow. then we came back and went to bed.

I woke up cold this morning and went to the bathroom to shower. Then I came back and wrote the above. Lars took a shower, and then we ate breakfast which consisted of Wheaties, peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The I tried calling Jill, but she was somewhere between home and work. So Lars and I walked to the beach. The beach was really fun. I walked out there barefoot, so I got to run and splash in the water. I picked up all the garbage (mostly plastic toys) I could find until I couldn't carry anymore and brought it back to a garbage pile. There was so much. I don't like garbage where I am traveling.

Now we are on highway 95 entering New Haven. We are going to the post office to pick up Lars' mail and to mail this letter. We have plenty of time today, so hopefully we will walk to Yale and look at the campus. I've always wanted to go to Yale. that was my childhood dream when 16 or so. I didn't know it was in New Haven.


2:29 PM

me: Kat, sorry to bother you. Do you want to go to Steve Miller and Cheap Trick at Fort McCoy on August 18th for our birthday celebs? I'm taking the Airstream. I was going to order tickets. Fort McCoy is in Wisconsin, near Tomah, between us.

Katjusa: YES YES YES

me: We will camp out

Katjusa: Awesome. I can't wait.

me: Tickets are 40 each

Katjusa: Okay. Should I get the $ to you now or pay you then? Or just go online and order my own ticket?

me: don't worry now, just wanted to warn you. Anybody you want to bring along?

Do you think you can get there?

Katjusa: Maybe. to both questions.

me: There are 4 of us coming from Spring Grove so far. I'll get you a ticket anyway. See you later

5 minutes

2:38 PM

me: tickets are purchased. I can't wait either. What fun. The airstream sleeps 5, and we have a truck bed to sleep in as well. This is going to be awesome. Now to find a campsite nearby.


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