067.October 26

Nottingham, UK

It is my day off today, so I spent the whole day typing my diary. I did play hacky-sack for a few minutes, and we ate stir-fry chicken, egg-roles and chocolate chip cookies with fortunes by Eve. Just before dinner Drew Curtis and I went to the Wheatsheaf to play pinball (Doctor Who). It wasn't fun. I won't touch it again. At 20:30, I had play practice, where I learned my songs by rote. Now I am back here. I finally caught up with this journal.

(I don't write in this journal for the next few weeks, to be more specific, Nov 13th. A lot of exciting things were happening to me during this time, mostly the Rocky Horror Show rehearsals every night, mostly followed up by a few hours at the Buttery Bar on campus or a house party. I will try to include as many pictures and postcards sent home to figure out exactly what I was doing, but I would love help from anyone who was in Nottingham with me to establish any scheduling details.)


Paris, France