249.April 27

Nottingham, UK

I went to The Man Who, the play by Peter Brooke, with my class tonight at the Nottingham Playhouse.


We learned all about the Cistercians, the Knights Templar, and the Kensington Rune Stone tonight at the cinema when Scott Wolter spoken to 140 people. I brought the k75 home today from a few days at Chris's.


When I came home, the house was full of little voices and piano. Rachel was giving lessons to the neighbors, so I went to Kwik Trip and got a pizza and two diet cokes for dinner. We watched "The Event" and then went to bed early after an episode of "Shaun the Sheep".


Jefferson City, MO

Rachel sang in church choir with Lynn and then we went on a short walk around the capital area of Jefferson City, MO. I dropped her off at the church again for a Mother/Daughter Tea, that Lynn was organizing. It was a complete surprise that she could actually bring a daughter to it, as Sarah was going in for surgery the next day, and she expected to be alone. We drove back after 17:00, and the 8 hr drive was filled with the rest of Stephen King's new book, "Joyland". I loved it. We stopped in Cedar Rapids at SUPERBURGER for dinner, which was open until 02:00 AM.