042.November 20

London, UK

I woke early, and Kate made me some coffee before I headed out. We spoke on the couch until I left for the play at 10:00. Arriving at the National Theatre at 10:45 by the Embankment Station, ( by the way, this beer smells like it had been made with Ethyl Alcohol.) I took my seat after the rest room, and enjoyed a great play. I got a scone at break, and a glass of water, but couldn't finish it, there wasn't time, with the queue. After that play, I had two pints of Old Speckled Hen at Doggets with Wild Mushroom soup. Another play, then at break a gin and tonic. Then the show ended, great second act. Then Dinner of a Lamb and potato hotpot at the Founders Arms with AAA Youngs Bitter.

I had spent the entire day on the South Bank at the National Theatre, the Olivier Theatre, to be more precise. I experience 9 hours of theatre, "The Coast of Utopia by Tom Stoppard, was an amazing adventure into the tombs of Russian literary genius. I did not get one of the fancy color programs, but I should be able to piece together from the annals of history the story and action of the play. There were two long breaks between plays in the trilogy, as thy are separate plays, and could be seen without seeing the whole cycle, but I think it would be far less interesting. It was spectacular. It had no box set, but a circular revolving stage like Les Miserables, but with only smaller set pieces that rolled on, mostly chairs and such. the back curved screens all opened, with doors in them and a revolving background like a computer game backdrop.

I arrived at Kate's at midnight and went to sleep.


We went to Lee's apartment and I hooked up the washer we'd moved last weekend. Then we moved the other appliances.