253.April 23

Nottingham, UK

I had practice at noon, which Simon Shepherd attended again and gave us some more ideas. Throughout the next week we had practice daily.


Madison, WI

I'm going to buy an Airstream trailer and travel the us., tomorrow, if they sell it to me for under 3000. they think I'll pay only 2000, so hopefully they go for it.


We were surprised by Rachel's birth Mom and Grandparents showing up early in Decorah for Rachel's recital. They met me at Americana Grill for dinner, and then Rachel showed up and we surprised her too. We went to bed early to get extra sleep for my class and Rachel's recital.


We spent the evening at home, Rachel planted our garden and I installed the Bertazonni gas cooktop and the Viking warming drawer into the new granite island. This involved hooking up the gas and wiring the electrics in the island. The U-Line under-counter fridge was already running from last night. We hooked the dishwasher up to the drain and faucets to do another load of dishes, before we start installing that counter-top and sink with the dishwasher tomorrow.


Cape Coral, Florida

I'm up, drinking a Polish IPA and eating some Bosnian chocolate while brewing coffee and waiting for Rhonda to wake up so we can go kayaking this morning. I think I just heard here alarm go off, so not long now. I hope we see alligators, but I also hope they are far away, and not swimming up next to us. I don't want to freak out.

ZYWIEC is one of the terjee (three) Polish words I learned so I could order bear for the three of us while travelling with Lars. I didn't realize I only drank half the bottle last night. I did have some exciting dreams, but they escaped me with my excitement to go kayaking.

So, truth be told, the beans I'm brewing are mostly decaf since I didn't want to run the grinder and wake up everyone in the house. But one bag of coffee (pod) in the ground decaf is caffeinated, and maybe that will make it taste more ADULT and so people will like it. I don't know which type of coffee is best for those who are already drinking IPA.