002.December 30

I am all packed, ready to go. The taxi's waiting, well, no, just my truck. I'll be in London before I sleep two more times, that is if I can sleep on the flight over, which I hope to. I will, if you would wish it as well, contact you after I arrive. I'm getting together with 4 friends from the Rocky Horror Show with at University of Nottingham on New Years Eve. Beyond that, I'm staying with the director of the aformentioned horror, and she has not let me in on what we will do after new years besides going to some theatre, which she seems to reserve for when I'm around. I am sure that I will become tiresome, and she'll want to shake me like a summer rug.


After work, Mark and I stopped at the local brewery in Decorah and bought two growlers from Margi. Then to the liquor store across the street for the rest of Rachel's baking needs: tequila, bourbon, and other liquors for our Boozy Baker's New Years Eve Party tomorrow night. Rachel met me for lunch today, consumed in the car, in between her trips for baking and drinking needs. 

We worked on some of the baked goods at home, and then went to Mark's house, with the turkey he got from Deco. Rachel spent the afternoon baking it in our oven, and we joined Sarah, Mark, Abe and Tyler for an Indian inspired turkey dinner.


After watching the first half of "Asteroid City" by Wes Anderson, we held one last audition at YOOH for "The American Dream" to hear Carl's interpretation of Young Man. All settled with a cast, I contacted them all and had it posted on the website. Then Rachel looked for costume additions for our New Year's Eve party at Giants of the Earth: WRESTLEMANIA 2024!!! We dropped off scripts for Sarah and Jen, and then got sucked into a play reading party at Jen's house when Chelsea arrived. There were five characters, and it wasn't an appropriate script for us to perform, but it was at least fun to read together. It is so luxurious to have this much free time to enjoy the convergence of years.