170.July 15

I was supposed to have my motorcycle license test this morning at 10:00, but we woke at 4:00 to do lighting at the barn because of last night's rainstorm that prevented us from doing it earlier. My truck was also full of equipment from the barn, so if there was any chance that I could get to Caledonia and perform the test on as little sleep as I had gotten the previous night, this convinced me not to try. I went to work around 10:00 and made it through the day feeling tired but fairly ready for the show. The problem was we didn't get all the light changes recorded, so at lunch I put together a chart of all the lighting changes so that I could record them all quickly when I got home. I did this, and we were finally ready for the show. It was a great opening night of "Kiss Me Kate" with very few mistakes that I remember. We had a great size audience for the opening night. I went to bed immediately afterwards, and Rachel went out with some of the cast.


Zagreb 2017

Working from home on a Monday.